Farmers' Markets

Local, fresh and seasonally foraged produce is one of our main passions.

Each weekend you will be able to find us at an accredited Farmers market show casing our range of seasonal products, that we are loving from the huge amount of amazing produce we have the privilege to be surrounded by in our region.
Our seasonally influenced products includes dips, soups, aioli's, salts or salad dressings.




1st Sat - St Kilda farmers market- Veg Out
2nd Sat - Collingwood children’s farmers market
3rd Sat - Hawthorn farmers Market
4th Sat - Collingwood Convent- slow food

Accreditation and what it means

“When shopping at a farmers market the public should have the confidence in the authenticity of produce i.e. that the person they’re transaction with is the person who grow or made their food….”

Online Shop

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