Hands up who doesnt want to cook dinner tonight?
Well, we have you covered...

Each Wednesday night we open up the Verde kitchen to do take home meals between 3:30pm and 5:30pm
Factory 101 East St, Daylesford.

Each week the menu will vary depending on seasonal availability and what we've found at the Farmers Market's or on local farms. Head over to our Facebook page to see this weeks menu.
Feel free to order online or give us a call 0412 495 871.

Little things

Dips, pestos or aiolis
Pea and ham soup
Black truffle and cheese tarts

Bigger things

Chickpea and fennel ragu with soft polenta
Slow cooked free range lamb with a warm salad of rainbow chard, lentils and feta.
Wild fennel and Parmesan risotto
Free range beef or vegetarian lasagna
Beef or chicken pies


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